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Arbitration is a reference to the decision of one or more persons of a particular matter in difference between the parties without the intervention of the Court.

Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual Property law deals with the creative ideas and expressions of the human mind that have commercial value and receives the legal protection of the property right

Information Technology & Cyber Laws

With the advent of information technology, the growth in the legal corporate has taken a drastic change.

Trust Law

A "trust" is an obligation annexed to the ownership of property, and arising out of confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner, or declared and accepted by him, for the benefit of another, or of another and the owner.

Banking & Finance

Our Banking and Finance Transactional Practice covers Corporate Finance, Structured Finance, International Banking, Debt Restructuring and Re-financing


Marriage is a sacred institution which ideally needs to be preserved. Mutual love, respect, trust and understanding is necessary for a healthy marriage

Expertise Litigation

Litigation is nothing but a judicial controversy. A contest in a court of law where the proceeding is conducted for the purposes of enforcing a right is litigation.

Property Laws

Property means the rights and interest, which a man has in lands and chattels to the exclusion of others. It is something that is or may be owned or possessed.

Taxation and Company Law

Our company law practice is dedicated to ensure smooth functioning of our client's organization. The service offerings includes company structuring, any legal documentation and taxation.


We help nationas, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cyber-crime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation and transform their operations. Digital Task Force is a Digital Forensics and specialized Information Security Solutions & Services Company with a long history of driving successful innovation in massively complex integrated systems. Our principal aim is to provide helping hand to Investigating Agencies & Law Enforcement as well to end user.

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